It’s A Joker By Jove – Stevenson (Ken Brooke)


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From the Ken Brooke Magic Range! An off the wall card effect that is sure to please and entertain. Cards are shuffled and half spread face down in front of spectator. The other half face up in front of the performer. Spectator freely selects ANY card from the cards in front of him and places if face down on the table.

Performer takes a card from his cards and places if face down ON TOP of the spectator’s card. Remaining cards are collected and help face down in the performer’s hand.

Spectator turns his selection face up – IT’S A JOKER! He then turns over the performer’s card and IT’S A JOKER!
The performer then turns over single cards from the pack throwing them face up across the table, finally spreading the entire pack face up as well and EVERYONE’S A JOKER!

  • The Deck of cards can now be shown to be a complete and regular deck.
  • No switching.
  • No skill needed.
  • Everything works itself.


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1 review for It’s A Joker By Jove – Stevenson (Ken Brooke)

  1. William Hegbli

    A fun card trick with a zany presentation. Fun to perform.

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