J.C. Wagner’s Commercial Magic Vol. 1 – DVD – Estate


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J.C. Wagner is considered one of the best bar magicians. This DVD captures his direct and stunning magic live and on location in his natural environment. Many of these routines have become staples in the repertoires of close-up magicians around the world. They are suitable for formal close-up or impromptu shows. You will also see the entertaining presentations and learn the many tips and ideas garnered from years of live performances.

Here’s just a few things you’ll find on this loaded DVD:

  • The Card Under The Drink — This is the classic J.C. Wagner routine where selected and thought-of cards continually vanish from the deck and appear under a drinking glass that is in full view.
  • Estimation Routines — Thought-of cards are found using the most devious methods in the arsenal of a card magician — estimation, instincts, and outs.
  • Entertainment Tacks — J.C.’s card on the ceiling routine where the deck is wrapped with a borrowed bill and a rubber band. The signed selection and bill end up thumb tacked to the ceiling!
  • Dyslexic Queens — A card assembly with a kicker ending where the four Queens assemble in one packet and instantly vanish and appear back where they started.
  • The World’s Fastest Card Trick — A selected card is found in a quick and flouishy way using the Pop-Up Revelation.

Also included:

  • Spectral Silk
  • Poor Man’s Matrix
  • Bandorama
  • The Wagnerian Miracle
  • Would I Lie To You?

And explanations:

  • Utility Spread Control
  • Pop-Up Revelation
  • Rhythm Count
  • Knuckle Jog
  • Snap Change
  • Two-Step Bottom Palm

And much more!

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