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Our own Larry Baukin’s trip into the supernatural is getting a lot of attention worldwide! Larry is the author of some of the best selling Cold Reading and Reading books in the art.  But for those familiar with his work, you don’t have to be a cold reader to know it’s a Larry Baukin book – just study the cover – and you will see his consistent preference for unique and fine art!

This book of strange and bizarre tales, takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through a largely supernatural landscape. The ride is a journey that reminds one of the classic Twilight Zone, Weird Tales and a host of other noir fiction memories one minute, then the next minute, the reader is propelled into a surreal world of horror rarely explored by the writers of today. Ultimately, this is a book of pure storytelling. Some humorous, some disturbing, some poignant, and all of the tales, overwhelmingly eerie. Initially, the reader is enveloped in a powerful atmosphere of the familiar: magicians, mind readers, steamboat gamblers, 1930’s dance halls, even Edgar Allan Poe makes a startlingly unique appearance. However, as the atmosphere shifts like a Hall of Mirrors before the astonished eyes of the reader, the once-familiar ground that the reader enjoyed opens like a trapdoor to take the reader to a new and surprisingly different world… a world of wonders.

Important Note: This is not an educational book – it’s Larry recent foray into fiction.  See bottom of page for Larry’s books related to the arts!

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