JFK Levitation 2.0


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You simply will not believe your eyes! When you see this product – you will agree Robert Frederico is both magician and artist! 

BONUS: 2.0 Comes with TWO Specially gimmicked coins!  You get one practice coin and one double sided performance coin!  That’s TWO Gimmicked Coins! 

Robert Frederico is the creator of The Ultimate Floating Half, Solid Silver Levitation, Helicopter Coin, The Incredible Shrinking Dime, Firefly and Silly George… as well as his book, Disposable Coins (with contributions by David Roth, Michael Ammar and Doug Bennett.)

A JFK Half Dollar levitates/suspends above a playing card with no visible means of support. Magician passes the mini magic wand under and over the coin to show nothing is there. He bends the card even more from edge to edge and watches how the coin magically hyper-suspends as if defying gravity.

JFK Levitation Coin

Magician brings the JFK coin back down to the playing card and vanishes it leaving a miniature JFK Half Dollar underneath. He then hands out the mini coin. Your audience is left bewildered.

The special Aluminum Foil Coin does all the work along with a Bee playing card (credited to your friend, Ben Harris of Australia). We can honestly say there are no gimmicked coins in the magic world like Robert Frederico’s! No other coin will suspend on a threaded playing card, except these handmade Aluminum Foil Coins. They appear heavy in appearance, but are incredibly lightweight!

Effect comes complete with a practice coin and a performance coin, mini coin and mini magic wand. The detail on the gimmicked coin is incredibly handmade with exacting detail!

Robert Frederico Performed As A Guest of Coin Master David Roth at The 1987 New York Magic Symposium With His Foil Coins And Effects and His Book Disposable Coins.

Optional Coin: There are a limited number of Old English Penny Foil Coins with a Kennedy face on the obverse side for this effect. These are sold separately, and are NOT included in this product. See bottom of this page, if the item is still available.  These are limited availability and cost more because they are a lot harder to make and each one is made by hand by Robert Frederico! 

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