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FREE with min. $50 order of physical products (no downloads), and no discounted or on sale products can be used to achieve the $10 or more! This offer NOT valid with ANY OTHER SME Promotion(s) and/or coupons. The $50 total MUST come from regularly priced products.  Discounted, Estate items, antiques and/or clearance items do “not” count towards achieving the $50 minimum. Only ONE FREE unit per customer, per order – regardless of total amount spent. In other words, if we offer a variety of free products with a minimum purchase, you must choose only one of the options (and equally are only eligible for one unit of that chosen product).  However, it is NOT given automatically with any order over the required dollar amount. Other limitations may apply. 

You remember this one! This little bird will grow on you in a good way!  When you think about it’s it’s an incredible feat.   We highly suggest you view the video.  Get on for FREE with a qualified $50 minmum order!

Watch the magic of the DRINKING BIRD! WHAT MAKES HIM DRINK? The little fellow has been around for years and still drinking!The perfect gift item for your friends or relatives! Fun to watch! Only a few know the true secret to this magic bird! Great for your office!

“Ya gotta love him”! Priced right! You will get tremendous value out of this little guy as he works non-stop.  One of those unique novelties that still has as much impact today as when it first was introduced.  Many people who purchase this are doing so sentimentally because they remember having one in the past!   Product does NOT come with the coffee cup used for this photo.

Special Thanks to Warren Berkowitz!

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