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Joanie Spina – 23 Tips to a Successful Career


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50% of Proceeds goes to Defenders of Wildlife!

Joanie Spina was credited with helping give that art of magic a sense of “fusion” by way of adding other arts and styles and focusing on the macro picture. In doing so she forged her own identity in magic and was widely respected by her peers. In fact one of our most successful Stevens Magic Mag-A-Logs was the one that featured Joanie Spina on the cover. Her media products that taught the fundamental of stage presence and incorporation of music, choreography (among other aspects), were always in demand. Sadly, we lost Joanie August 17th 2014. We are offering her 23 Tips on How to Have a Successful Career in the Performing Arts (as adapted from Backstage Performing Arts Weekly). This is a five page script which also features and 8 x 10 photo of Joanie. These principle featured in this script are timeless. At the very least this short work, should be read and re-read frequently to keep these fundamental ideas fresh in your mind. Lets face it, fine-tuning is a constant, repetitive process that requires frequent refreshing. Keep this script somewhere where it’s easily visible to you, and read it again and again.

Defenders of Wildlife

Stevens Magic will donate 50% of the product sales proceeds!  

Product comes with a 5 page script and 8 x 10 Black and White classic photo of Joanie Spina. And for Joanie, and Lori Martin (our webmaster), Stevens Magic will donate half of the proceeds of this item to Defenders of Wildlife. Animal preservation is near and dear to Joanie and Lori Martin (Lori is Andy Martin’s wife – of So it’s a WIN-WIN! Your doing a great thing by making a contribution to Defenders of Wildlife, as well as getting great fundamental coaching to help you in your goal as a performer.


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