Joe Berg’s No-Feke Card Frame (Viking)


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The No Feke Card Frame was invented by Joe Berg, manufacturing rights purchased by Viking Mfg. Co. George Robinson of Viking Mfg. Co. who has vastly improved upon the original by adding a locking mechanism to the card release, as well as making the new models with a double card production feature. Please be aware that there are copies being made of our proprietary item. Please buy from the originator as your support is much appreciated.

EFFECT: The performer displays a beautiful oak picture frame with two doors. Both doors are opened and the frame is shown completely empty.

Two cards are selected by audience members from a deck of cards. The two cards are returned to the deck. The doors are closed on the frame and the deck is riffled toward the frame. Upon opening, one of the selected cards is found resting inside!

This is repeated with the second card and again, this too vanishes from the deck and appears within the frame.

Our No Feke Card Frame is made from select solid oak with a warm pecan finish. Brass hardware complements the frame. The performer may choose to produce one or two cards. cards can be produced together or one at a time.
Made of the finest materials for the professional performer and made to work 100% every time. You supply your own cards. Comes with complete instructions.

NOTE: You can use playing cards-poker size or bridge; credit cards, business cards, photos etc. Any card that will fit the gimmick.


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