John Ramsay’s Cups and Balls – Pete Biro (Book)


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Pete Biro is back!  The amazing walking sponge – capable of absorbing all types of important and sometimes, not so important bits, such as routines, historical credits and great stories – has yet another in his successful line of booklets!  No wonder his books are some of our top selling products!  Pete is loved the world over!

Dai Vernon raved about John Ramsay’s Cups & Balls routine. Pete Biro has taken the original routine from an expensive, out of print book, and with permission of the copyright holder has printed all the details with photographs, in one of his familiar format books. Ramsey’s routine used two cups, and although he, being a grocer, used cardboard ice cream cups you can easily use any two standard cups from a cups & balls set. If you wish to have a set of cups especially designed for the routine, let is know. Ramsay’s final load sequence is a baffler, and is unlike any other routine.

The booklet features 28 pages with plenty of images and illustrations that aide in learning and absorbing the valued data within!  Having Pete’s books around is the next best thing to having Pete around!


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