Johnny Paul, Volume 14 GMVL (DVD)


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“I hope you enjoy doing these effects as much as I’ve enjoyed doing them during my magic life.” – Johnny Paul

Think of the best in magic and this man comes to mind. Groomed in Chicago as America’s first bar magician, Johnny quickly rose to the top of his field. His years performing at the Showboat Hotel have proved to all that the power of magic is under his command.

“This DVD is worth $100 just to see Johnny’s cups and balls routine. No one does cups and balls like Johnny Paul.” – Del-Ray

  • Personable Prestidigitation
  • Bunnies
  • Transposition
  • Torn and Restored Card
  • Card Stab
  • Spirit Trick
  • Cups and Balls

Running Time Approximately 62min

GMVL Greater Magic Video Library

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