Joker’s Poker – BLUE Back by Steve Schieszer


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The Magician and participant use ten cards in a poker demonstration that is both entertaining and magical. The magician always wins! The card trick features the popular three-phase routine. Finally, the magician allows the participant to make their best winning hand, by FREELY choosing amount 8 cards, to add to their hole card. You guessed it; the magician WINS AGAIN! As they say, “the joker is wild!”

Joker’s Poker by Steve Schieszer is an updated variation built upon the classic Ten Card Deal, a favorite of Dai Vernon. Subtle but very potent innovations and tweaks have been incorporated by Dan Harlan and Steve Schieszer.

The quality of the card stock is exceptional as it features the tradition Jumbo card stock, built to last for many years, with high visibility.

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