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Mastering the Fair Market – Parts 1 & 2.

SME Exclusive! If you’re looking for a good gig, you have to take into consideration the fair market! It provides you with a steady seasonal work and allows you to also work larger venue’s that many performers only dream of. The knowledge you gain provides you with an incredible experience and you may find (as many do), the Fair Market is one of the best gigs around!  But like anyone you will need help cracking into this market and that is why the Magic Master Summit team choose Josh Knotts!  Josh Knotts brings his show of Extreme Illusions & Escapes to fairs and festivals across the US for the past nine years with between 250-300 performances each year.


Speaking on the topic of Fairs and Festivals, Josh reveals the time tested secrets of getting into the fair market, and then getting “repeat” booking there! Josh will open up and give you the inside that you would happily pay 5 times the price!  Having worked the fairs for many years coupled with also having a huge show with over $100,000 worth of props, illusions and apparatus, Josh has vested the time to become a leader in this area.   You will often find “how two books” on a variety of subjects, and in fact many of them are more than worth the cost.  But it is rare, until Dave Womach produced this Magic Master Summit – to have performers at the top of their game share so openly.

As is the case for all these incredible features from the Magic Masters Series of 2016 – Dave Womach serves as host, where he not only asks the questions we would, he also provides additional 14K Gold advice and information from his professional experiences.

You are left with an incredible bargain (regardless of which Magic Masters Summit DVD you buy).

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