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From World Champion magician Juliana Chen, comes these unique “sandwich” cards which she has used in her act for many years.  These Manipulation Cards are “bridge” sized yet have the same amazingly paper thin and elastic qualities as her other professional manipulation decks.  As the picture shows the cards feature brilliant yellow base with decorative green touches, and an artful sketch of Juliana Chen. 

This is the perfect deck to consider for many reasons: (Including but not limited to the following 5 points). 

  1. It’s a great way to study and learn the art of manipulation (for those interested), because of the smaller bridge size.
  2. If you are already skilled, they are ideal “conditioning” and “practice” decks to keep you at your best.
  3. Of course, they can and are also used during performances with the added benefit of adding an earth tone color scheme contrast. 
  4. Regardless of your motivation and eventual end use, they are priced exceptionally well!  
  5. Let’s face it, when you’re as good as the pro’s you go through a lot of decks, these sandwich cards offer great value.  Even better there is a sliding scale price on quantity (see below).

Whether you purchase these cards by themselves or in conjunction with Juliana’s: Plastic Shooting Cards – Click HereYou can’t go wrong

We also suggest you consider Special Japanese Formula Wax – Click Here, the perfect accessory for this or any other manipulation deck, of which we offer other professional options (see below). 

And finally we also offer the following set of Japanese Manipulation Decks – Click Here, which also come highly suggested!

Price includes shipping in the US.  If you are interested in more then one deck, contact us before purchase.

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