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Available Again! Jumbo Comedy Split Deck Bicycle – Funny—Fabulous Comedy. Now you can do your favorite card trick for the largest audience. Available in highly visible, jumbo-size! Bicycle-backed cards only. An excellent audience participation effect. Laughs—Suspense—Entertaining—A prediction—Easy to do!  This is the original Split deck with a kicker, “Oh, Dear,” selected halves don’t match, but YOUR prediction does. Highly entertaining!

The performer shows a jumbo card and says it is a prediction. (They do not get to see his prediction) as he only holds it up with the back towards the audience and proclaims; “Tonight, before leaving for this show, I made a prediction here that is in my hands…….at the end of the routine, I hope my prediction will come true”. He then places his prediction on the table, FACE down!

Then he invites a gentleman and a lady up to assist him with this demonstration. The deck is shown to be split into two parts! He asks them one at a time to each touch one in their respect halves, with the cards spread out. (In other words…he takes up one half of the deck for the first spectator to choose a card from, and then takes the other half of the deck for the remaining spectator to touch and select one…face down card. After the first spectator selects their card from one half, he instructs the remaining spectator to TRY to match the first card without looking at the cards, etc.

After the two cards are selected they are placed FACE down on the table. He then proclaims; “Wouldn’t it be something IF each spectator did indeed match up without them knowing what each had selected?” “Would you give them a BIG applause if they did do this?” The audience always says…”Yes we will”! Then the performer asks; “IF my prediction that I showed you earlier matches their chosen halves…would you then give me a BIG applause as well?”…They say, “Yes we will”…Then the performer shows the first half of the card…and then shows the 2nd half of the card and WOW…they do NOT match?

“Oh dear exclaims the magician, I don’t know what has happened? Or another tip from professional Kirby Van Burch is; “I hate it when I’m wrong……..and I hate it when I’m right!” But when he reveals his prediction, low & behold his prediction does match the two halves that did NOT match! This is an audience pleaser and highly entertaining! Don’t miss out on this hidden “Gem” of an effect! It works itself and all you half to do is be entertaining!

“I use this in every show!” –Joe Stevens

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