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Unquestionably one of the most popular effects in magic!  And for good reason.  Variations of this effect have been produced before from Jim Spence’s Casino Magic and I was so happy to see it is back again. The Jumbo effect allows for MUCH greater visibility.  The original models left spectators – well – wanting.  This model brings it all the way home.

Effect: Performer displays 5  cards to your spectator – (they are all court cards, Kings, Queens and Jacks) and asks the spectator to mentally select only one card and lock it in their memory.   The magician can ask the spectator if they want to change their mind even.  But once the spectator chooses their card they must remember it.

The mentalist announces he thinks he can determine the spectators freely selected card.  The mentalist removes one card from the group of cards and places it face down so the spectator cannot see it. Next he mentalist fans out the remaining cards, and sure enough the one card the spectator thought of is gone! That is a feat in itself but now the magician is going to actually vanish the spectators chosen card completely.  He picks up the card he removed and blows on the face of it, the audience and spectators still cannot see the front of the card.  The magician then states, do you know why you didn’t see your card when I fanned them?  He now for the first time shows the card that was removed earlier – it is now totally blank! Their thought-of card has truly disappeared!

  • Set of special jumbo cards
  • Online video instructions

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1 review for Jumbo Princess Card by Tejinaya

  1. BrandonKirkNewsom (verified owner)

    This a great variation on the Classic Princess Card trick we have all seen. It’s definitely worth trying and having their selection blank at the end seals the effect. Reccomended. -b

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