Jumbo Split Deck Professional Deck – Red


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This is for Magicians that want total control of the Rough/smooth feature of the deck!

This is the most totally different card trick for professional or amateur use. This special deck is cut diagonally, which in itself creates first interest. The audience effect is amazing. After viewing they still do not believe it can be done.

Two spectators are asked to help you with this effect and each is shown a half deck of cards to be all different. Each spectator is asked to freely select a half card without revealing it to the audience, other spectator or magician. After this is done once again the cards are shown to be all different. To both the spectator’s and audience surprise, each spectator has selected the same card.

This can be done for groups of 3 or 3000. It renews interest in card tricks in general because it seems so impossible. This is a very easy trick to perform and you will be a master of the Split Deck within five minutes of opening the package.

The Split deck comes three ways. In poker cards, in jumbo size cards and in a special comedy version, which also uses jumbo cards. We also have the comedy version you can find here!

The comedy version is the same as the regular split deck only the spectators select two different cards. In the ending the magi produces a whole card with both cards restored (half & half) on the same card.

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