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From one of magic’s most innovative creators – John Kennedy has provided us with a fantastic effect that takes psychokinetic magic to the next level!

With this device you can make things literally jump!  Can you feel the energy?  You will once you have this baby! You will make pens and straws jump out of cups, napkins jump off tables, even candy or popcorn jump out of its bowl! My Gosh – lock the children in the house – is anything safe! It’s perfect for close-up, parlor and stage performances. Meticulously redesigned and perfected, Jump will allow you to perform miracles that simply cannot be done any other way! The instructions will teach you everything you see on the video demonstration and more!

Best of all, this product is “hands free” and thus it remains under you complete control at all times.  This means you can place a glass on any table, walk away and with your super human concentration – cause a pen or spoon to “jump” straight out of the glass, landing on the table!

Even better, everything can be examined!  No funny moves are required to make this magic happen, it’s as easy as drinking water. You know the quality that comes with John Kennedy products – so you can rest assured your money will be well invested. John has included only the top quality, state-of-the-art electronics, which allows you to get up to 1000 jumps from just “one” single 9-Volt Battery.

NOTE: John Kennedy teaches the amazing routine and handlings on the video CD. NOTE: Although the content is PC and MAC compatible, it is a mini disc and therefore needs a player with a tray. The slot type players do not work with mini discs.

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1 review for JUMP – John Kennedy

  1. Andy Martin

    Simple but so many uses!

    If you want to move something and be nowhere near the table then this is the perfect gimmick from John Kennedy. So many uses come to mind, it is mind boggling! I use it for Plop Up, and it takes an interesting trick into a miracle!

    Love the quality, the size, the speed, and the strength!

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