Jump Pips 2.0 by Andrew – Red


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Product Description

If you are a fan of ingenious and high quality gimmicks, you will not be disappointed by this new creation by Andrew (creator of effects such as Ghost Coin, Taste It, Candy Ghost, The Last Rise, etc.)!

JUMP PIPS 2.0 is a high-impact visual effect, just like them!

In front of the camera or in real conditions, you will have fun making the tiles on the map travel in the way a magician would make his pieces disappear during a Matrix on carpet.

Leaving each time a completely empty space, each tile disappears in a very choreographed way to bewitch your spectators and keep them under the spell until the end.

The multiple appearances and disappearances remain permanently under the control of the magician.

The points literally change places, depending on your choices!


Bicycle quality,
Strong impact,
Immediate reset,
Easy to do,
Crazy mechanics!
Ultra neat manufacturing, handmade.

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