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Joe Porper brings back to life a very old classic close up trick, courtesy of Al Cohen.  It’s a hands-free coins across routine that starts and ends clean, and has a kicker ending. Great for close-up or walk around.

This is the key to amazing magic! You begin by removing a standard house key from your key chain. You then thread it onto a thin shoelace and have two spectators hold the on to each end. You then cover the key with a handkerchief, reach under and in an instant you remove the key from the lace! Go ahead hand the key and lace out for inspection…there’s nothing to find!

But it doesn’t have to end there…with this amazing item you can link two keys together, link a borrowed ring to the key, cause the key to melt through a button hole, and much more! The quality is amazing and it’s exactly what you have come to expect from master magic craftsman Joe Porper.

Comes complete with two keys (one standard and one gaffed).  Keys have matching serial numbers!

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