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Pete Biro and Joe Porper, known among the most prestigious magic circles as a Dynamic Duo of Ingenious Innovation, have blessed the community once again! Their latest miracle, Just In Case, is testament to their brilliant creative method. Just In Case not only brings Al Koran’s Ring Flight type effects into the present decade, it ensures its place in the future of magic as the greatest version ever! Ever! This is the reel-less Ring Flight system favored by professionals. It eliminates any danger to the spectator’s ring. Just In Case is perfect for Mike Close’s Ring Fright, the famous routine w a key transposes with a borrowed ring. This is an item for the workers; it’s practical, durable, and an instant showstopper!

The basic routine is just like the standard Ring Flite without the aid of any thumb tips, reels, or threads as a spectator’s ring vanishes and ends up inside the performer’s back pocket in his key case. However, this is w the similarities end, because now Michael Close’s Ring Fright routine can be performed with Just In Case: Michael tells his audience he is going to do a “Miracle,” and if he misses, he offers them his new car. He then tosses out his key case, then begins by getting one or two spectators to hold a shoelace stretched out.

He covers the shoelace with a handkerchief and asks for the loan of a ring, and after examining it, tells them he will put the ring on the lace without either of them letting of of the ends of the lace, if not, the owner of the ring wins the car. When the handkerchief is whisked away, Michael is surprised to see a key hanging threaded onto the middle of the lace! “Wait a minute, if my key is on this lace, then what is in my key case?” Michael opens the case, and the spectator’s ring is found, securely fastened to the metal lobster claw inside. A miracle!

The Duo has crafted an ordinary Schlage brand house key into a device capable of real magic. For instance, imagine threading this key onto a cord and having a spectator holding both ends. Under the cover of a silk, the key is magically removed! It’s the classic Brema Nut principle built into an innocent key. Joe Porper’s key can be casually examined, and no one will even see the gaff! The craftsmanship is literally invisible! The routine can be reversed, linking the key to the cord, or the linking two keys together! Just In Case includes the gimmicked high-quality leather case, the phenomenal additional gimmick Just A Key, and the awesome 8-page color booklet.

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