Kabuki Streamers Red Small JL – 2 Pieces Per Box


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Each Box has two pieces wrapped in black paper.

For me, one name comes to mind whenever I see a Kabuki steamer used on stage – Jeff McBride. He is the visual definition of the word Kabuki Streamers. In fact, the old joke in this case should be true – if you look up the word Kabuki Streamer in the dictionary – yes, something way before the world wide web – you should see a photo of Jeff McBride.

One thing that Jeff knows is how to create the ambiance and energy for a good performance. Of course, as Jeff would clearly state there are many great performers both known and unknown that have mastered this incredible visual.

Classified as an accessory or supply – its one that any serious student of any visual art should use. You don’t have to be a Bruce Lee to go Kabuki! You don’t even have to be Jeff McBride. But if you are looking to find a way to make a memorable impression with your audience – your search is over. Now you must master the Kabuki Streamer and it will serve you well for many years.

This SKU is sold individually, meaning you are paying for one box which contains TWO UNITS (or pieces), of Kabuki streamer for this price. This is the small RED version. Each streamer contains 18 streams. There is a little bit of a learning curve. It is NOT difficult. Just watch the video so you can understand the positioning. t is important to note there is a learning curve associated with this product. This product features a QR code that links you to a video that will help you learn the correct way to Kabuki!

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