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“Kanpai” revolutionizes the previous model of liquid production gimmicks.

We have all seen many glass production gimmicks, and they always have required “TWO Actions” to make a glass appear.
Kanpai lets you forget the existing gimmicks and join the revolution!
This bold new effect makes it happen without an extra step before the glass appears.
No more secret action removing the lid while underneath the handkerchief.
Kanpai’s “ONE Action” approach makes a glass magically appear…. already filled with your choice of beverage… which you can really drink! Cheers! Salud! Kanpai!

What makes this different from other gimmicks?
・No move is required to take the lid off the glass
・After the glass has been produced, there is nothing remaining in your hands.
・You can produce the glass filled with liquid at the end of a long stand-up act.
・Of course, you can drink up the liquid in the glass immediately. (no gimmick will be exposed.)
Comes with a glass, a special holder, and an instructional DVD.

Comes with 3.15 Inch DVD (DVDMINI) and and site to also reach the instructions.

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