Kaps Floating Cork – Ken Brooke (Exclusive)


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Another Miracle From The Ken Brooke Magic Range. Long off the market and also copied by others who are unauthorized. Fred Kaps gave this effect to Ken Brooke many years ago. Stevens Magic is the exclusive authorized dealer for the Ken Brooke Magic Range of effects since the early ‘80s!

The performer sets a lovely a wood box on the table. When he opens it, an ordinary wine cork is seen inside. At the performer’s command, the cork begins to quiver and then slowly rises out of the box. The cork floats and moves above the box. The performer brings out a 3-inch metal ring, which he passes over, under and around the floating cork! The cork slowly returns to the box.

We are proud to re-release this classic item, for all close-up workers. Made famous by the legendary Fred Kaps. It is a terrific item for television! Learn and perform this and you will get the applause you deserve!  Levitation is one magic greatest tricks and effects, nothing creates a sense of disbelief and “awe” like the Fred Kaps Floating Cork from the Ken Brooke Magic Range.

Comes complete with box, ring, gimmick and Ken Brooke Series, Volume 5, “The Dancing & Floating Cork” Booklet (reduced size),  as well as additional FREE post-purchase download  (a $15.00 Value).  Note: minor changes in style with respect to the box based on availability.

NOTE: The Product also comes with a VIDEO link that does a great job of showing you how to set it up.  This link will be included in the packaging with a password too. 

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