Ken Brook Junior Chop Cup – Aluminum Polished Finish


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Bonus: For a limited Time Comes With Free Final Load Ball and The Ken Brooke Series – The Chop Cup Booklet – $54 Value – FREE! 

The Ken Brooke Junior Chop Cup is an authentic reproduction of the second chop cup created by Ken Brooke. Sometimes referred to as the Ken Brooke Stubby Cup, it was designed as a truncated version of the Master Cup size, and is most often preferred by magicians as the cup still accommodates an impressive tennis ball size load. It’s a wonderful and lightweight cup for strolling that delivers a BIG tennis ball size punch.

Technically, the Ken Brooke cups are unique as the gaff is spun in on the outside of the cup rather than on the inside. This means the inside of the cup is seamless. It is an old style of gaffing a cup, but perfectly functional and authentic in every way. Some early versions of this cup had a gaff that was so strong you had to really slam the cup to dislodge the ball, adjustments have been made to the gaff to achieve a better balance and now a much lighter touch is all that is required.

Each cup is hand spun from .050″ aluminum, polished to a glossy mirror finish on its exterior and a brushed satin finish on its interior.


  • 1 Ken Brooke Junior Chop cup
  • 2 x 1 1/8 inch RNT Red Balls(1 Magnet 1 Non-magnet)
  • 1 x Velvet Bag
  • 1 x Blue Final Load
  • Ken Brooke Junior Chop Cup | Aluminum | Polished Finish made in USA.
  • The Ken Brooke Series – The Chop Cup – Number Two – Booklet

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