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It’s about time! You have been asking, heck even we have been asking Pete Biro – WHEN? When are you going to put out another of one of your booklets? Pete has done a fantastic job of publishing 16 volumes of easily digestible, entertaining and informative booklets. Now not only does Pete provide but his recent contribution is near and dear to our hearts at Stevens Magic – Ken Brooke.

Appropriately titled: Ken Brooke – A Lifetime of Laughter, this soft book contains a collection of stories, gags and experiences all about Ken Brooke – one of the greatest demonstrators and comedy performers in our magic lifetime.

When it comes to magic history, Pete Biro is a real walking encyclopedia, and as I have noted many times, he’s probably the most knowledgeable Yankee, when it comes to magic of the UK and Europe. No wonder we ship so many of his booklets to the UK! HA!  Additionally there are contributions from Pat Page, Paul Green, Dick Kornwinder.

This information has been collected over a period of many years via personal visits and correspondence with Ken Brooke and now finally – is made available to you! Don’t forget to check out many other books by Pete Biro also available at Stevens Magic Emporium.  A great value for the price.

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