Ken Brooke Chop Cup (Junior)


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Made exclusively for Stevens Magic by RNT II. Considered by many as the best chop cup ever made. Professional magic for the professional magician. If you’ve seen Paul Daniels perform and use Ken’s cups you then know the potential. Ken’s excellent routine is a composite of tidbits from Larry Jennings and Roy Johnson and himself as well—By blending the moves of these three master conjurors, he probably developed the greatest chop cup routine in the world of magic! There are two sizes of Ken Brooke-style cups. One the Master and one the Junior, for those who prefer a shorter cup, both made out of copper stock. The taller model is 4.25-inches tall and 3.75-inches in diameter (large enough to hold a lemon). The stubby (Junior) model is 3-inches tall and 3-inches in diameter (and will also hold a lemon).

Note: Photo shows a copy of Greater Magic Video DVD – This does “not” come with the product.

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