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The definitive DVD master class on the ultimate handling of this classic routine. Ken Brooke featured this classic in every single performance. His adaptation and additions to the Dai Vernon “Symphony of the Rings” are a perfect example of the genius with which Brooke could take strong magic and turn it into commercial performing gold. Not only Ken’s additions to the routine, but the remarkable way he trimmed every unnecessary element are a lesson in creating powerful magic. In the mid 1960s Nick Lewin learned this routine directly from Ken in a series of half-hour lessons. In this meticulously detailed DVD Lewin teaches every nuance and subtlety. It is a perfect lesson in classic magic. Nick teaches everything you need to know to perform this routine; he also explains and articulates aspects of the handling that only become accessible after 50 years of performance.

Ken Brooke Linking Rings - Nick Lewin

Strong commercial magic that can be performed any time, anywhere for ANY audience

90 minute master class on DVD
Detailed instruction on the game changing ODIN COUNT
Detailed instruction on the amazing Al KORAN UNLINK
Full patter
​History of the Linking Rings
​Bonus gags with the Linking Rings
Every subtlety in the handling of the Linking Rings explained
The Linking Rings is a pivotal classic of magic due to its direct and powerful impact on an audience; it is one of those rare effects that can be described in a sentence and here in lies its strength. Every magician is familiar with the Linking Rings, however it is now seldom seen by lay audiences, and an entirely new generations are discovering and enjoying it. What may be dismissed as “old” when performed to other magicians is often intriguingly and entertainingly new to contemporary audiences.

Nick Lewin - Ken Brooke Linking RingsNick made his national television debut in 1979 performing this exact routine in conjunction with his innovative Linking Finger Rings. It was a powerful combination that he still uses with great success to this very day. Master the routine on this DVD and have a true classic at your fingertips that can be performed anywhere, anytime for any audience — every magician’s dream.

Ken Brooke was a brilliant magician with a genius for creating highly commercial magic. Brooke’s version of the Linking Ring was a feature in his act throughout his life and is a superbly constructed piece of commercial gold for the performing magician. Based on Dai Vernon’s Symphony of the Rings, Ken’s variations, streamlining and additions to this venerable routine are a true lesson in magic.

Having learned the routine directly from Mr. Brooke, and performed it for over 50 years, Nick Lewin turns this minutely detailed 90-minute DVD into a veritable Master Class in performing this classic and highly commercial handling. Amongst other gems this DVD teaches the game changing Odin Count and also

Al Koran’s brilliant unlink from his 3 Silver Rings. Additional gags, visuals and full patter round out this superbly filmed video, there is no better way to learn to add this classic routine to your show.
There are very few routines that can be featured any time, anywhere for any audience. The Ken Brooke handling of the Linking Rings is one of the great routines for entertaining audiences of any age. While one of the oldest effects in magic, the Linking Rings is now rarely seen by whole new generations of lay audiences and this is a wonderful routine to add to any magician’s repertoire.
Strong commercial magic that can be performed any time, anywhere for ANY audience

Ken Brooke - Nick Lewin - Linking Rings
“Once again, Nick provides all the details for an entertaining presentation of a classic of magic. Not only does he discuss the history, he covers every move in detail. Now anyone, seasoned pro or novice, can learn the rings from a man who literally learned from the master and has made this classic routine part of his working career.” —Willard

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