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Of Magic”-I kept hearing from our many magic friends that there was a special shop in London, England, where all of the professional magicians would congregate, not only in Great Britain, but in all of Europe.

The top minds in magic were regular visitors and the magic shop’s name was-Ken Brooke’s Magic Range. I heard that Ken was the TOP magic demonstrator at magic conventions. This continued through the late 70’s and finally we thought it would be nice to bring Ken Brooke to America for a Desert Magic Seminar event. Jay Marshall had endorsed the idea and we, at that time, honored Ken with the Seminar Award for all that he had contributed to the magic world all his life! I remember the tears that flowed down his face with this adulation that we bestowed upon him.

I also heard again, by virtue of  many whom I respected, that Ken truly was the finest demonstrator of magic of that time! Ken was not well (health-wise) and Paul Stone was looking after him and purchased the rights to all of Ken’s effects. This helped Ken as well as he was in need of help with his bad health.

So, through Paul Stone we purchased the rights to the Ken Brooke Magic Range for North America in 1982 and have held the rights ever since! We paid Paul Stone not only for distribution rights but also for all of the card effects of Ken’s that we were to make up ourselves! To this day, we are still very proud to maintain these rights and distribute Ken’s items to our customers.

In 2006, our agreement with Paul Stone was brought up to date and contracted, once again, and we look forward to bringing the magic fraternity these high profile items for years to come!

You will never be regretful with any of Ken’s routines and effects as they are all professional and most important commercial! (This means they have been tried and proved with public audiences.)

In closing, thank you for your past business and we look forward to having more fun and business with you in the future!

Joe, Martha & Mark Stevens
Stevens Magic Emporium


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