Ken Brooke Series Complete Set (10-Book Set)


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GET THE COMPLETE SET OF ALL 10 VOLUMES FOR ONE GREAT PRICE! A compilation of some of the best magical effects from the Ken Brooke Series. Ten booklets in all with rich professional time proven magic. Gives it all, routines, patter, sleights and secrets. Ken Brooke was well known and admired all over the world for his contributions to magic as a performer, a dealer and a writer. His magic was 100% practical and commercial—even to this day! ALL ARE FULLY ILLUSTRATED! • VOLUME 1—The Magic Box. • VOLUME 2—The Chop Cup. • VOLUME 3—The Nap Hand & Multiplying Martini Bottles. • VOLUME 4—The Sidewalk Shuffle. • VOLUME 5—The Dancing & Floating Cork. • VOLUME 6—Al Koran’s Three Silver Rings. • VOLUME 7—Finn Jon Zombie Routine, Roy Johnson’s Cent & Malcolm Davison Book Test. • VOLUME 8—Roy Johnson’s Flawless & Ken Brooke On The Hamman Count. • VOLUME 9—Ken Brooke’s Ring & Stick Routine And The Backward Card. • VOLUME 10—Beam Shoot, The Koornwinder Kar And Edelweiss.

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1 review for Ken Brooke Series Complete Set (10-Book Set)

  1. William Hegbli

    This series of instruction sheets for some of Ken Brooke,s most popular effects he sold in his small shop in London, England. Ken Brooke understood what is involved in making a trick entertaining and funny to audiences. His instructions put these small bits of information throughout the text, just so you will comprehend his knowledge better, and become a better performer. Whether you use the exact trick or knot, the information ‘written between the lines’ will give you greater insight into what makes a magic effect good. I strongly encourage any student of magic to read these manuscripts several time to take in some of this wisdom. Highly Recommended!!

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