Ken Brooke Series, Ken Brooke’s Ring And Stick Routine And The B


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FIRST TIME ADVERTISING THESE…A compilation of some of the best magical effects from the Ken Brooke Series. Ten booklets in all with rich professional time proven magic. Gives it all, routines, patter, sleights and secrets. Ken Brooke was well known and admired all over the world for his contributions to magic as a performer, a dealer and a writer. His magic was 100% practical and commercial—even to this day! VOLUME 9—KEN BROOKE’S RING AND STICK ROUTINE AND THE BACKWARD CARD TRICK: Ken’s Ring and Stick routine is entirely different from other similar effects. The Backward Card Trick by Bob Ostin, (one of Ken’s confidants) borders on another type routine like the “Homing Cad” but is different in its own way. A wonderful professional card routine using regular cards. Fully illustrated.

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