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Stevens Magic Exclusive!Secrets Behind Maximum Entertainment From the Magic Master Summit series, Ken Weber has done it again! Ken’s book, “Maximum Entertainment” is one of the go to references for performers pro and hobbyists for top notch performing, scripting and showmanship in the real world of magic. Over the course of more than two decades in the financial services industry, Ken Weber has become one of the premier mutual fund experts in the USA. Ken is a New York native who earned his Bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University, and his Master’s degree from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.  He is a founding member of Fidelity Investments, RIA Advisor Council, and he is a member of the National Association of Active Investment Managers and the Financial Planning Association.

Ken is also the author of Maximum Entertainment, Director’s Notes for Magicians & Mentalist; a favorite among entertainers from all over the world. He uses his unique background as a professional mentalist for many years, and combines that with his “outside the industry” thinking, and truly transforms entertainers’ shows.

Magic Masters Summit

This videotaped interview by renowned illusionist, David DaVinci is a tell all bull session that has valuable information for artists of all levels of experience.  You will move up to the next level of performing with this sage and solid advice. Get Ken Webbers “Secrets Behind maximum Entertainment today!  The back and forth between these two respected talents is a really treasured opportunity for those of us interested in soaking up information like a sponge! And I can assure you that your sponge will be saturated.  Our goal as performers is to leave people with memories, that is the best measurement we can achieve as performers.  They may not remember our names, or faces or our story lines – but if we can truly provide our audience with “maximum” entertainment we are touching people in a truly magical and beneficial manner.

This DVD features over 45 minutes of in-depth conversation with two highly respected professionals from the art of Magic.  What would you pay to have these guys in your living room!  I mean really? 


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