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From the Ken Brooke Magic Line. Good comedy tricks are hard to come by, but here is on that is a sure fire laughter raiser every time! Ideal for stage, parlor, and kids. We won’t tell you the whole routine, but after a series of gags with the rope, the magician ties a slipknot in the rope and slides the knot to one end of the rope.

Explaining that if the knot slips one way, it should slip the other way. WATCH-slowly the knot climbs up the rope to the waiting hand, which catches the knot. A laugh every time with the added bonus of it appearing magical. Precision apparatus for sure fire working every time.

The latest version has a new, improved gimmick and includes routines from Dean Dill and Michael Weber.

Even if you do not normally use comedy tricks, don’t miss out on Ken’s Comedy Rope Trick. Comes complete with rope, reel and a DVD with detailed handling.

Special Thanks to Pete Biro.

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