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From the Ken Brooke Magic Range by David Beckley… Where a nut mysteriously comes off the screw while covered up with a handkerchief. Yes,that’s right! You show a screw with a nut screwed half way on. Cover it up with the handkerchief. Wave your hands over the “hank” and open the “hank” and-lo and behold-the nut is now off the screw and laying side by side. NOW for the “killer!” You now screw the nut back onto the bolt and ask a spectator IF they would like to pull them apart? A spectator now covers them both with the “hank” and upon removing the “hank” it has happened again!

Comes complete with all you need plus Ken’s instructions. No sleight-of-hand necessary, you just have to get used to the working. Can be repeated at once! Featured by Paul Daniels in his BBC TV series.

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1 review for Ken’s Crazy Nut – Beckley (Ken Brooke)

  1. William Hegbli

    This is a fun trick to present between, easy to carry with you always ready to puzzle your spectators. Fun – Fun – Fun trick!

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