Kineti Key Jr – Viking


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IMPORTANT: The key as show in the video is the larger version of this product. The product that will be shipped is the same as seen in the product photo.  The larger key was used for the purposes of providing a better visualization through the video.  The larger size also is available subject to inventory – see bottom of this page to link.

A golden skeleton key (24K gold plated!) is displayed at the fingertips. The bit or tang at the end of the key is caused to move around the shaft of the key. Then the bit is slid the length of the key towards the bow or handle, where it remains and can not be budged. A truly eerie effect, superbly made. Can be minutely examined.

This effect can be carried in your pocket, ready at a moments notice. The effect is eerie and incredible. You are defying nature. Our Kineti-Key has been pirated the world over, attesting to its great value as a performance tool. Insist on the original Kineti-Key Jr. and do not be mislead by cheap imitations. Please help support original thought. Guaranteed satisfaction.

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