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IMAGINE…….a new wave street magic style effect that is as close to dematerialization as it gets. You start clean, end clean. No special set up, ready to do at a moments notice. Running Time Approximately 2hr 34min 

PERFORMANCE: You walk up to a vertical object such as a street sign, pole, parking meter, gate, etc… and place both arms around it. Cleanly and slowly you interlock your fingers tightly together forming a solid circle out of your arms and hands. The beady little eyes of your audience just a few feet away suddenly fall out as they watch you visibly & undeniably pull your interlocked hands through the vertical object. Your hands are IMMEDIATELY shown so they do not confuse you with being a ghost, but an immortal being.

KI can be performed with a multitude of vertical objects. Any object you can interlock your hands around can be used!!! Indoors or Outdoors!!! Just a few examples:


• No special clothing required.
• No special lighting required.
• No special vertical objects or gimmicking of them.
• Spectators may examine performer’s hands and vertical objects before & after.
•- Performer starts clean and finishes clean.

• Ki is performed usually at a distance of 10-12 feet from the spectator/spectators.
• Ki cannot be done surrounded.
• Ki is sold as an instructional DVD which explains everything needed to perform & construct gimmick. Items needed are easily obtainable from local stores.
• Ki is not difficult to perform, can be confidently performed with about an hour or less of practice.


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