Kidding Around (Capehart) (2-DVD Set)


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Chris Capehart has been a respected performer for many years but recently his popularity has exploded way beyond the borders of the US, catapulting him to international claim.  One of my good friends Derek Lawrence (also a brilliant magician and creator from Philadelphia, PA.), repeated has shared with me some of the 14K Gold wisdom that comes from Chris Cape hart.  Chris understands the difference between just being able to do a magic trick, but instead vesting energy and life into building something more important a naturally evolving routine.  If you appreciate the real difficultly of magic that goes beyond mere physical execution of a trick, which is the foundation towards becoming a true artist, you would do well to learn from Chris Capehart.  Chris is exceptionally versatile as a magician and artist, but on this 2 DVD set he highlights his commercially successful and hilariously funny kid show.  Disk One – Running Time Approximately 108min Disk Two – Running Time Approximately 60min CHRIS WILL PERFORM AND EXPLAIN: · Cards for Kids · Misers Dream* · Coloring Book · Matilda and the Lola Bowl · Sponge Balls · Hoppin Spots · Botanica · The Rings* · Change Bag · Fraidy Cat Rabbit and more… *performance only After the show Chris talks about all of the things that are important to make a kids show successful and what makes HIS so special. BONUS MATERIAL – TRICKS PERFORMED & EXPLAINED: · The Silk Vanish · The Incredible Shrinking Head

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