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UNREAL! Out of the clear blue I have managed to get my Kidshow How-2 video AND the first Bag of Magic video PLUS bonus footage from Australia TV on one NEW “OLD” DVD! If you missed these long out-of-print video tapes, now here’s your chance to see: (1) the How-2 lecture showing 15 tricks & routine — Flower Wallet, Silver Sceptre, Spooky Spoons, Delightful Streamers, Scarf Juggling/Blendo, 3 Water Monte, Pet Store Pranks, $100 Bill Silk, Glow Loops, Billy the Kid, Credit Card in Bottle, Chair Escape, IncrediCube, Crazy Book Bag, and Alien Surprise.

Bag of Magic is a live classroom show from 1991, featuring Clapping Hands, Man in the Moon, Purple Orange Eater, How to Knit Sox, Shrinking Gloves, Super Bunny, Picture Frame Fishing, Comedy Linking Rings, Picnic Surprise, and the Really Big Shoe Trick. BONUS footage on the DVD shows David Ginn doing the Wilting Flower and Dancing Hank on Australian TV in 1989! You’ll have fun & learn LOTS watching this DVD!

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