Kidshow Matters – Jim Kleefeld (Book)


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SEMI-EXCLUSIVE!  One of only 2 selected dealers, other than Jim (who sells his own book too) to be chosen! We are excited to continue our long association with one of Magic’s most prolific creators. 


Kidshow Matters is for and about children’s entertainers. With 38 chapters covering 340 pages, this hefty volume contains 46 tricks and routines, 200 illustrations and dozens of thought-provoking essays on such important topics as managing behavior, stages of humor, creating incongruence, maintaining continuity, using segues, transforming utility props, engaging children and more. Kidshow Matters is a hardcover case-bound edition with full color cover.

“Jim Kleefeld’s Kidshow Matters should be in every magician’s library – it’s that good. Jim’s book is a compilation of his Not Just Kid Stuff columns, which ran for three years in M-U M ; this material has been updated and reorganized. In addition, Jim has added “bonus tricks,” simple one-page or shorter descriptions of tricks you can easily make up and use in any show. It is my contention that Jim’s Not Just Kid Stuff was one of the finest columns to have appeared in any magic magazine, ever. This makes Kidshow Matters one of the best magic books, ever. No matter what type of magic you perform, you will find information that will make your show stronger and that will make you a better magician. Buy it, study it, and refer to it often. You’ll be glad you did.”Michael Close

“Kidshow Matters is a book of wisdom, knowledge and kindness. It is about the serious business of creating quality entertainment for children, entertainment that inspires, encourages and delights. From making a personal connection with your audience, to the social behaviors of small children, to the use of comedy for little kids, to the effective use (and misuse) of bits and business, to segues and callbacks, to character development, all are discussed. Unlike “one more magic trick, one more pretty, shiny thing,” this is invaluable information that will serve a performer not for one season but for an entire career.” Max Howard

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