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Behold the KING of all Nutcrackers!  Bow down all the lowly, unworthy and wretched common nutcrackers and pay respects to the KING of all Nutcrackers! Steinbach JUBILEE KING S1000 King of Nutcrackers 18″ – 1996 Limited Edition. This is Number 506.

This is one of the most rare of the lot. These were included in an estate we purchased about 8 of them. As such we are putting them up. This Nutcracker is made by the legendary Steinbach company. For generations Steinbach has brought joy and pleasure to collectors from around the world. The Steinbach Nutcrackers are undoubtedly the most famous ones in the world. Steinbach means highest level of quality and brilliancy in design. Some of the limited editions by Steinbach have increased considerably in value through the years. Please consider that Steinbach products are very popular collectible items that are not stored in warehouses in mass quantities.

This was a special edition in celebration of Steinbach’s 75th year anniversary. 

Condition: Like New.  These were stored incased in plexiglass.

Limited Edition, this is Number #506 – crafted in 1976.

Height: As any King worth his salt should be, this guy stands about 19″ tall!

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