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Buma’s King Tut Tut. Don’t make the mistake of assuming this is the same King Tut you had as a child!  Buma has added another one of his amazing custom gimmicks, the result  is a completely NEW version playing off the charm and history of an effect that at one time inspired us all! A Classic Golden Oldie from the past. If you’re a student of magic, you’ll remember this lil’ gem. But this NEW version is exponentially stronger!


Yes, the classic effects continue to be the best, only BUMA could make one of the best even BETTER! Performer introduces the classic plastic sarcophagus and mummy from the quintessential Magnetic KING TUT Trick.
Performer proceeds to ask the spectators, “do you remember this from your childhood and what made it work, well let me show you.” With his thumb positioned to prevent KING TUT from falling out of the sarcophagus the performer proceeds to nonchalantly tap the head of the sarcophagus against the heel of his palm as he explains: “this causes the magnet concealed within the sarcophagus to shift, allowing the magnet concealed inside KING TUT to repel the sarcophagus’s magnet.” The performer now discreetly releases his hold on KING TUT allowing it to jump out of the sarcophagus, the performer then replaces King TUT back into the sarcophagus and nonchalantly taps the foot of the sarcophagus which creates the illusion of KING TUT once again resting peacefully within the sarcophagus.

The performer now encourages one of the spectators to try their hand at KING TUT. But no matter how many times the spectator taps the head or the foot of the sarcophagus they can’t make KING TUT jump out of the sarcophagus, yet every time the performer tries he’s able again to make KING TUT jump out of the sarcophagus.

Finally the performer once again places KING TUT into the sarcophagus, only this time he inverts it placing the now inverted sarcophagus and it’s contained KING TUT on the spectator’s outstretched palm, upside down, only now when they lift it up do they see that KING TUT has vanished as the sarcophagus is seen to be empty, only the loose sarcophagus floor remains laying loosely on the spectators out stretched palm, but wait, when they look inside the empty sarcophagus it contains no magnet, none at all, it never did! Yes, you have performed KING Tut TUT without any magnet ever being within the sarcophagus! And on top of that, KING TUT the mummy has completely vanished!

    • Perform just about anywhere, seated or standing, perfect for table hopping!
    • Totally examinable, fits in your shirt pocket!
    • Hand crafted by BUMA in limited numbers, assuring BUMA quality and true uniqueness in your performances!
    • Features photo illustrated instructions, plus bonus material and additional performance tips!

Color of delivered King Tut Tut will vary in keeping with the authenticity of the original King Tut Magic Trick as introduced to the magic community in the 1940’s.

For Those Among You That Appreciate History – A little added by Buma Jr.
Company Profile: Franco American Novelty Co., Inc.
Glendale, , United States
Consumergoods Products – Trader,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1910

Franco American Novelty Co. Was started by Sam Oumano, together with two of his brothers, Dave and Eli, in 1910. They opened a store on Broadway, selling souvenirs, Jokes and tricks. Bob, Sam?s younger son, joined Franco after World War II. After Bob passed away in 2000, Carole Rome, the youngest of his five children, became President.

Prior to World War II, the Joke and Trick Industry did not flourish. However, Franco, who pioneered the Joke and Trick Industry, was the originator of many jokes which are still popular today, namely: Snake in the Can, Poo Poo Raspberry Cushion, Doggie Doo, as well as many more. Sam Oumano, through his creative ability and connections throughout the world, aroused the interest of the American public, consequently creating the Joke and Trick Industry in America. Over the years, more and more items were added.

In the 1940?s, Franco introduced an amazing magic trick, called King Tut ? a plastic mummy, placed in a plastic coffin, which only the magician knew how to remove the mummy from the coffin (all done with magnets). Franco sold over ten million King Tuts. Another outstanding item was the Shock Book ? open the front cover, WHAT A SHOCK! This led to the Shock Cigarette Lighter, Shock Pen, Shock Cards, all controlled by Franco.

Halloween was always celebrated by children ? the Joke and Trick wholesaler and retailer were looked to as a source for makeup, masks, costumes, wigs and numerous other necessities. In the late 1970?s, the adult population played a major part in the Halloween celebration. Without question, Franco has become one of the largest sources of Halloween merchandise. Our overseas buyers search the world for innovative ideas, our Be Something mask line, masks made in the USA, is spectacular, the Halloween catalog, the Novelty catalog of Jokes and Tricks, all have made Franco one of the leaders of the industry, known throughout the world.

Bob Oumano?s oldest child, Michelle Powell, Vice-President and Art Director, has contributed greatly in putting together beautiful catalogs, flyers, blister-art work. Brian Oumano, the second son, has also made significant contributions. Carole Rome, the youngest of five children, has undertaken the huge task of President of Franco and has done a superlative job.

Going back in time, there were many loyal and devoted employees who contributed to Franco?s success, some of whom are still with us, namely: Jack Oumano, Sol Pritt, Rita Simon, Bill Sudor, and of course, those who are currently doing a great job.

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We are a wholesaler of Novelty items such as: wigs, masks, costumes and gags.

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