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You Can Have Super Powers For A Fraction of The Price! 

Knight’s Eye is an ingenious electronic device from Taylor Imagineering that will help you achieve miracle-class Mentalism and Bizarre Magic effects. The unit is comprised of a matchbox-sized transmitter and rechargeable battery units with a 2” sensor-disc on a short length of wire. The wire is quite flexible allowing for the easy concealment of the unit in a card box, under a table top, the lid of a box or other locations such as in a sketchpad.

Application Examples with a Single Unit and Receiver.

• Read thoughts in a bowl of water: Mount your Knight’s Eye under a table and place a bowl of water over the sensor. Show a piece of parchment with several symbols drawn on it and have your spectator think of one. With your back turned, you name each of the symbols and, upon hearing their chosen symbol, the spectator draws it on the surface of the water with her finger. You then tear of a blank piece of the parchment which is dropped into the water. The very symbol drawn in the water appears on the parchment.

• Super Free Will: Mount your Knight’s Eye under the lid of a “Keep’s Sake box”. Place three items and a prediction on top of the box. With your back turned, the items are selected in any order the participant wants; she tucks two of them into her pockets and holds the third in her hand. The location of the three items matches your prediction exactly. Alternatively, use 5 items and perform a perfect hands-off version of Max Maven’s Kurotsuke.

• Blank Look: Put your Knight’s Eye in an empty card box. Performer chooses a card from a deck and rests it on the card box to elevate it and turns away. The spectator touches the back of the card when she hears the suit of her thought of card spoken by the performer; this is repeated for the value. The performer now picks up the card, looks at it and names the thought of card. The card is then shown to be blank, as is the entire deck.

Reverse PK-Touch (An excellent start to your PK-Touch routine): With your Knight’s Eye hidden in a sketchpad, draw a voodoo-doll-style image (or just a stick figure) on a page to represent you, the performer. A spectator is invited on stage and given the pad. After giving your instructions that she is to touch the top of the drawing’s head sometime in the next 60 seconds, you take a seat facing the audience with your back to the participant. The very instant she touches the drawing, you stand up. Time to proceed with the rest of you PK-Touch routine.

Included in set:
• Knight’s Eye unit with built-in rechargeable battery (72+ hours of power-on time)
• USB powered battery charger and adapter cord
• Receiver with adjustable vibration indicator (powered by 1 x AAA battery, included) and 40+ meters reception range.
• Special adhesive material for quick mounting and unmounting of Knight’s Eye unit.
• Access to online videos with technical directions, routine performances and explanations; PDF of additional routines.

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