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Here is a chance to save $1,430.00 – that is serious bank!    

The Konundrum Kube takes it’s inspiration from Rand Woodbury’s “Jam”, however the methodology is different, and there is no “jam”!! The top half folds down, plus there is a “kicker” that has been added. “Konundrum Kube” – Your beautiful assistant enters a tall “kube” from the side. You rotate the kube, 360 degrees. HER REAL HAND COMES THROUGH THE FRONT AND YOU PLACE A SILK OR OTHER OBJECT IN IT. Following that, you insert a large octagon tube, bisecting the kube from the front to back. You again rotate the kube 360 degrees. The audience is not impressed because they are sure she is in the top half! Sorry to disappoint them, you begin to fold the 4 sides of the top half down till the kube is half the size it originally was. You may again rotate if you wish, and for the kicker you shove a “steel spike” from side to side, bisecting not only the kube but the octagon tube earlier placed through the kube. This effect should fit a “REGULAR build” 5’9″ assistant. Is very deceptive, well built, and features Dream Illusions “no-bolt” assembly. That’s right. the legs and all 4 sides assemble without any bolts or fasteners of any kind, yet is VERY strong and stable and packs flat.

Note: This product ships in a secure wood crate.  Fabrication can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Insurance is additional $70 and may be required by the seller.  ATA cases are also available for an up-charge of $700.00  To avoid additional lift charges and shipping fee’s someone MUST help the driver unload the crate. 

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