Korem without Limits by Danny Korem


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This was the book everyone in the magic industry had been waiting years for. Quality and uniqueness have been a hallmark of Danny Korem’s material and career. He has never written or produced, a text that has now become a bestseller. Korem Without Limits is his finest contribution yet, to the art. Included are 25 effects such as Jumping Shuttle Pass, New Wave Chop Cup, The Omni Deck. A must for the serious magician.
This is a beautifully hardbound volume with elegant dust jacket.


  • Impossible Coin Catch
  • See Thru Coin Revelation
  • Jumping Shuttle Pass
  • Little Cheat Coin Vanish
  • “Irish Press” Coin through Hank
  • Revolving Imp Coin Exchange
  • Putting the Move on Roth
  • Third Beat Matrix
  • Stand-Up
  • The Art of Stand-up
  • New Wave Chop Cup
  •  Distant Passage Coins in Glass
  • Without a Net!
  • Malini on Stage


Three Round Ringer
French-Cut Restoration
Figure-Eight for Connoisseurs
The Pluck Knot
Hand-Held Healers
Tactile Healer
Solo Card Restoration
A Short Digit on Display
Mind Meddlers
Love is a Trick-The Case of James Hydrick


  •  The Acrobatic Haunted Card
  •  For the Cardician’s Game
  •  The Omni Deck
  • Signa-Wild Reset
  • Dallas Drop
  • The Korem Deck Switch

Details: Korem Without Limits

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