Ladies Himber Ring


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Note: Due to the change in price of precious medals –  Please contact us regards to exact pricing.

Designed by a master jeweler and a magician, this ring is handmade of 14k gold, set with a 1k cubic zirconia. The gimmick is so well concealed, even a seasoned magician will have trouble finding it.

Available in one size only. The Linking Finger Rings effect is dramatic. Three spectators’ rings are borrowed and actually LINKED TOGETHER. Then each is returned to its owner undamaged! You’ll be proud to own and perform with any of these rings.

” Unquestionably the finest ladies himber ring on the market…  Also available with “dummy” rings (non-gimmicked) at additional cost.

NOTE: Due to the fluctuations in precious medals – price may change. These are CUSTOM made, allow for 3-4 weeks fabrication time. Contact us for details at: 316.683-9582



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