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Breaking News! Red Latex Apple from Magic Latex, is now available to be purchased individually. You may have seen this announcement on CNN and BBC World News. When the world almost ended as magician’s worldwide almost brought the end of time because they couldn’t purchase this quality item alone. Under never ending, relentless pressure Felix was able to re-tool his machinery and instead of only making Apple Juice (a product that incorporated the apple but had other gimmicks too),he  was able to produce the Red Delicious Apple only – in just the nick of time. In doing so, he narrowly avoided the end of the world as we know it and made magicians happy at the same time.

When we first sold Magic Latex’s – Apple Juice trick, we had many requests from our customers asking if they could just buy the latex apple. Sadly we were unable to satisfy that request since the apple that came with Magic Latex’s Apple Juice, was just one ingredient in the package.

But all that has changed – Halleluiah! Felix has answered the calls of magicians and entertainers world-wide and now we can provide you with (subject to inventory of course), the finest looking latex apple you have ever seen. It’s so good, you will have to fight yourself from wanting to bite into it! It’s so good, that used as a production device, your audience will be “none the wiser!”

And as far a production goes, the skies are the limit. You can make the apple appear using flash paper, produce it from inside a cook book or from any place you desire. The product has a small hole, which is easily hidden with a fingertip. The hole is necessary by design to avoid vacuum effects while at the same time, quickly recover its shape after it has been crush. The hole also serves double duty as a place to hide silks, and then make them appear. This item, like all Magic Latex products is hand made with attention to detail.

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