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Latex Big Thumb MagicLatex by Felix & C. Casagrande: Giant skin coloured finger that you put in your real thumb. Thought specially for comedy acts or magic for kids. A hilarious idea: Set up a mousetrap inside a change bag, a long hat or even on the magic table, then when everybody hears a big noise, as if something got suddenly trapped, you pull out your hand with the giant thumb caught in the mousetrap. Sudden gag, visual and effective. Another original idea is to put on your thumb a red D-light, and then getting it into the giant finger. When the D-light is turned on and off several times, the effect will appear as if the thumb is beating of pain.


Fantasio : Excellent products for the professional magician. They are more realistic than foam or sponge products, and can be used inches away from the spectator

Daryl – The Magician’s Magician: MAGICLATEX makes some of the best and most realistic looking props in the world of magic. I’ve used some of their products in my performances at The Magic Castle and NOBODY suspected a thing!

Kevin James : MAGICLATEX makes some really wonderful latex products. I was very impressed. You will be too.

Hans Klok: MAGICLATEX is simply the best.

  • A well maintained latex product lasts up to 15 years .
  • Store your products in closed and dark spaces.
  • Do not expose to sunlight and to extreme temperatures, for long periods of time.
  • When long term storage is required, spread feet`s powder on them.
  • That will make the useful life of your products much longer!

NOTE: Each one of our products are totally handcrafted. The entire manufacturing process is done by our crew´s hand, since the initial assembly of the molds to the finishing paint coat. Therefore, colors can vary slightly from the ones on the advertisement pictures


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