Latex Hand – Magic Latex


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Exact replica of a real live hand. New model with independent fingers, so it looks very real. You can put your fingers in it to move them independently. It has a hook shaped accessory that improves the gripping and fixing to different objects and sticks of various sizes.

Because of being constructed in latex enriched with antioxidant products, it does not get dark ever in time, as it occurs with other flexible materials. Imagine this: Pick a stick with it’s backdrop, and then, the objects starts flying everywhere in the very eyes of the audience. Perfect for self dress-changes effects, mirror/wall go trough effects, or allowing your assistant piercing your stomach with her hand. Etc, etc, etc.

Note: This hand has been painted with many soft colors, resulting in a pale tone that allows darkening if necessary. The color of our hands changes over the year, due to sun exposure or temperature variation. For this reason, it is recommended that you apply make-up before use. You can use facial make-up (liquid make up and compact powder), and you may also apply a little amount of the same product to your own hands to achieve optimal results.


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