Leaves From Conjurer’s Scrap Books by H.J. Burlingame – 1891


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Hardback. Fair-Good Condition.

Leaves From Conjurers’ Scrap Books; Or, Modern Magicians And Their Works(Labeled inside the book) Hardin J. Burlingame Donohue, Henneberry & Co., 1891

Table of Contents:
American Conjurers
Popular Conjurer Abroad
Prominent and Skillful Amateurs
The Herrmanns and Kellar
Hypnotists and their Experiments
Mind-Readers and Their Tricks
Instantaneous Memorization
Second-Sight and Anti Spiritulist Artists
The Vanishing Lady.Cocoon, Cremation and Other Illusions.
Peculiar Happenings
Misc Sketches

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