Lessons in Conjuring by David Devant – Book


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Hardback. Good Condition.

Many years ago, when Devant was performing at the Egyptian Hall a young conjurer approached him for advice. Devant asked him how many pieces of magic he could perform and the young man replied, “I know about three hundred tricks.”
Amused, Devant told the young magician that he himself only knew eight pieces of magic. The boy was very confused but eventually became a wonderful performer and understood Devant’s meaning.
When David Devant told the young conjuror that he knew eight pieces of magic, he meant his repertoire consisted of eight pieces, which he knew inside-out and was always ready to perform anytime, anywhere, and under any conditions.
In Lessons in Conjuring, Devant explains 17 pieces of magic in great detail, everything from the Cards up the Sleeves to the Cups and Balls, in the hopes that you may find one that will become one of your “eight pieces”.

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