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“They were fooled in less time than it takes to pick a card.” 1982 the magic community was hit with Lethal Tender by Steve Dusheck Jr and it became such a commercial success that it was immediately copied and reproduced without permission.

Thankfully, Airship Magic Mfg. and the Dusheck estate have teamed up and are bringing you the ONLY licensed Lethal Tender being produced. Every set has maintained the integrity and soul of Steve and his family. We value love over money and each set is made with nothing less.

The sets are completely upgraded to modern materials and no longer use the standard “Chinese” coins. Until now, Lethal Tender as Steve performed it was only available at lectures. Proudly and honorably this product includes Steve’s handling’s (two of them!) that are exactly as he performed them.

Regular Coins may show wear or aging due to circulation.

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1 review for Lethal Tender – Steve Duscheck – Air Ship Magic

  1. Sidney (verified owner)

    This is a pretty nicely made trick, and it works well. A plus is that you get a TCC card wallet to put it in. The card is very well made. Since the original instructions mentioned that the coin the half dollar changed into was an African dime, I ordered one to see if it would fit the gimmick, but alas, it will not – the magnet is too large. Also, the African dime is too thick. The only thing that would make the trick better, would be if the Chinese coin was thinner, and was copper with milled edge to match the half dollar. This is still a good purchase.

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