Light For Invisible Thread (Voitko) (2nd Edition) (DVD)

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A NEW DVD from Viktor Voitko! This new DVD includes extra shootings from Voitko`s LIVE lecture from Korea and Portugal! It deals with “questions and answers” for working the fine details of light in conjunction with invisible thread. Taught from a man who knows very well how powerful the right combination can be.

The DVD-INSTRUCTIONS will help you to find the correct light for thread work with invisible thread. It also will make your thread REALLY INVISIBLE! A lot of magicians use the invisible thread for stage magic, but few of them know how to make the correct light for invisible thread.

Few of them know that 10% success depends on the threads and 90% depends on the way the light is made on the stage. Viktor Voitko has performed professionally more than 20 years.

His Flying Linking Rings (also available at Stevens Magic) is one of the magic modern classics. His Flying Rose  (also avalable at Stevens Magic) is an original version of the dancing cane. Viktor advises on his DVD how to make the correct light, select the background; it will give professional advice and much, much more…

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